You’re having a baby! Do you go to the doctor now?

You've taken a home pregnancy test and it came up positive. Now it's time to make your first prenatal appointment. Many women have their first prenatal visit after the eighth week of their pregnancy. Don't delay this for too long.

At your first prenatal visit, your doctor or midwife will confirm your pregnancy, take your health history, and talk to you about what to do and what to expect. You'll also find out the schedule for future visits to check how the baby's growing and how you're doing.

Try not to miss a single checkup. These visits can reassure when all is going well and help find treatable health issues early, in both you and your baby. Most moms-to-be find things to like and not like about prenatal visits. However you feel about them, it’s still important to go.

If you’re nervous, worried or finding excuses to not go to your prenatal visit, you can:

  • Talk through your reasons with a friend who's already a parent.
  • Share your concerns about checkups with your doctor or midwife. He or she may have tips to ease stress.
  • Feel assured that checkups are a way to help give your baby the right start in life.

Reminders can be super helpful, especially when “pregnancy brain,” or that feeling of forgetfulness, hits. With Overlake’s OBaby app, you can easily set up reminders to schedule your first prenatal visit, and all the visits that follow. OBaby also helps you keep track of the questions you may have for your provider for your next appointment.

Learn more about what happens at your first prenatal appointment—download OBaby in your app store for more tips and reminders throughout your pregnancy.