Benefactor Society

Benefactor Society

The Benefactor Society honors those who have made bequests or established other planned gifts and endowments with Overlake Medical Center Foundation.


Anonymous (16)
Dr. John and Janis* Baldwin
Drs. Anne and Daniel Bankson
Brittany F. Barker
Elizabeth and Graham Bingley
Daten* and Lenora Bourn
Kim S. Brace
Jeanne and Elvin* Carlson
Ray* and Anne Carr
Jody Cunningham and Mark Mennella
Robert S. Cunnison
David Cutler and Deborah Girdler
M. Tresine DiMartino*
Joycelyn Dorsey
Brian J. Dougherty*
Patty Edwards
Peter and Aranca Ehrenwald
Dr. Barry and Kristi Feder
Janet and Rodney Fowler
Tom and Elaine Fowler
Charles Garthwaite and Nancy Benton
Steve and Fredda Goldfarb
Madeleine Roberts Hagen
James and Kathryn Hanna
Jerry and Carolyn Haralson
Bob and Joan Hardie
Larry and Patty Hebner
Peter and Peggy Horvitz
David and Shelley Hovind
Dr. R. James and Virginia Huehnergarth
Anu and Naveen Jain
Janice R. Jarman
Maggie and Max Johnson
Richard Karn and Tudi Roche
Jim and Marjorie* Kesl
John and Nancy Kimberly
Diane LaBow Kirkman
Fred Lunki

Thomas and Sharon Macnamara
Ayleene and Peter Main
J. Michael and Lisa Marsh
Jerome and Sarah Mathews
Charlotte A. Moline
Isa Giese Nelson
Susan and Mark Phelps
Dr. Jim and Dorie Pipers
Colin and Manio Radford
Sue and Tom Raschella
Dr. Sandra Rice and Martin Nizlek
Gail and Bruce Richards
Donn and Patricia Roberts
Darcy Roennfeldt
Richard Rosenkranz
Alan Ross
Jeffrey and Lara Sanderson
Dr. Patricia Shands
Douglas L. Smith and Mary A. Templeman-Smith
Margaret Smith*
Amitabh and Richa Srivastava
Phyllis and Dr. Roger Stark
Gene and Pat Styer
Dr. Richard and Joan Swanson
Michael and Lynne Sweeney
Dr. Michael and Peggy Swistak
Gifford Thomas
Janet Thompson
Severt W. Thurston
Joan and Bob Wallace
Janet and James Weisman
Wells Family Trust
Dr. Robert and Barbara Welsh
Susan and Dale Williams
Marian Woosley
T.J. and Carole Woosley
Frank and Susan Young
Chun Mei "Ida" Zhu
Sheryl and Steve Bichich

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