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Donor Recognition


Individual Donors

Overlake Medical Center extends our deepest gratitude to the individuals that generously supported our mission in fiscal year 2021.


Florence Cordell and Chris Armour
Patty Edwards
Betty and Kemper Freeman, Jr.

$250,000 - $499,999

York and Alice Harris
J. Michael and Lisa Marsh

$100,000 - $249,999

Patty and Ron Bedient
Meta Lou Bevan
Jerry and Carolyn Haralson
Jim and Marjorie* Kesl
Norma and Leonard Klorfine
Donn and Patricia Roberts
Amitabh and Richa Srivastava
Pete and Carol Stewart
Ina Goodwin Tateuchi
Vijay and Sita Vashee

$50,000 - $99,999

Catherine Boshaw and Douglas Edlund
David Cutler
Ted and Geri Frantz
Diane La Bow Kirkman
Moe Krabbe and Susan Shanbrom-Krabbe
Gene E. Lynn Estate
Douglas L. Smith and Mary A. Templeman-Smith
Dr. Allen and Janice Wiesen

$25,000 - $49,999

Robert Anderson
Ward and Judy Bushnell
Douglas and Patricia Cook
Janine and Robert Dodson
Peter and Peggy Horvitz
Gary Lee Johns II and Eric Ledoux
Jim and Paula Melby
Devin and Melissa Murray
Uma Raghavan
Sridhar Srinivasan and Sumathy Muthuswamy
Joan and John Valaas
Joan and Bob Wallace

$10,000 - $24,999

Ryan and Mary Actor
Roger and Mary Anderson
Robert and Gail Auslander
Robbie and Pauline Bach
Dr. William and Jeri Boettcher
Fred and Joan Burnstead
Ned and Haleh Clapp
Mary Ellen Denman
Peter and Aranca Ehrenwald
Leslie and Penny* Ellis
Anand Eswaran and Kavitha Ramakrishnan
Mary and Matthew Fearon

Janine and Alex Florence
Leigha and Mark Grimaldi
Janet Hauspurg
Ted and Jodi Herb
Jesse Huang
Anu and Naveen Jain
Rajesh Jha and Sudha Mishra
Jay and Mary Jayne Jones
Estate of Leona M. Kirkey
Sandra La Haye
Jerry and Sarah Mathews
Warren and Jennifer Michelsen

Mary Warjone Mott
Bob and Cathy O'Rear
Mark and Sheri Robison
Phyllis Schaeffer*
Yuka Shimizu
Jim and Jan Sinegal
Russ and Kristi Stockdale
Dr. Michael and Peggy Swistak
Bob and Kathy Trimble
Guenter and JoAnne Zimmer

$1,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (10)
Andrew and Callie Abrahamowicz
Matt and Nancy Adams
Dr. Arthur and Katherine Anderson
Linda Andryc
Dr. Cynthia Anonsen
Shirley Arnett
Eileen Ash Arthur and Frank Arthur
Eric and Katie Artz
Ashley Asdairian
Richard Ash
Bill and Jean Avery
Dr. John and Janis* Baldwin
Drs. Anne and Daniel Bankson
Diana Barnes and R. Michael McKinlay
Shiv and Kamlesh Batra
Marilee and Robert Beckes
Merrill Behnke and Ryan Broms
Kristina and Joe Belfiore
James and Karla Bennett
Kim and Chris Bennett
Katherine and William Binder
Donald and Mindy Black
Charu and Jeff Bogdan
Rachele and Blaise Bouchand
Richard and Janet Brashen
John and Dana Brekke
Lisa Brock and Craig Mills
Constance Brog*
Mary Brown
Cynthia Burns
Dr. Daniel and Patricia Brzusek
Rob and Cam Campbell
Jeanne Carlson
Ray* and Anne Carr
Elizabeth and Hal Charvet
Phil Chou
Ming-Fea Chow
Valerie Chrusciel and Dr. David Westman
Elizabeth Ciapala
Dr. Ronald and Barbara Coe
Mark and Catherine Cole
Dr. Jason Comer and Sheli Hadari
Jan and Dennis Conrad
Consuelo and Gary Corbett
Katrina Corbett
Phil and Cheri Corneil
Jeffrey and Leann Crosby
Michelle Curry
Dave and Jane* Davis
Tom and Diane DeBord
Eric and Wendi Demers
Rahul and Aarti Deshpande
Stephen and Kathy Dewalt
David and Elizabeth Director
Joycelyn Dorsey
Candace and James* Doud
Jonathan and Samantha Duarte
Diane Due
Michael Eng
Tom and Alison Evert
Zhengzhu Feng
Michael and Cynthia Fleming
Robert France

Brian and Ashley Franklin
Ida Freilinger
Deborah Freng and Joseph C. Decuir
Hailing Gao
Euan and Elizabeth Garden
Bob and Penny Genise
Bradley Gilden
Irene Giustina
Ken and Betsy Greenbaum
Steven Grimmer
Marie and Roland* Groeschel
Gary and Lauren Guenther
Chuanxiong Guo
Kristina Gurova
Janet and Daril Hahn
Jeff and Candace Havens
Mary Ann and Michael Haynes
Stuart and Britt Heath
Noel Arthur Henderson
Diana Hernandez and Kyle Halvorson
Richard and Marilyn Herzberg
Stuart M. Hood*
Carl and Virginia Hossman
Shelley and David Hovind
Yingyi Huang
Dr. Jim and Virgie Huehnergarth
Maureen and Jerry Hunter
The Hurdelbrink Family
Maggie and Max Johnson
The Jordan and Harris Families
Anna Kaminska and Tomasz Kaminski
Holly Keenan
Jim and Barbara Kenney
Vashti Key
Nicole and Andrew Khouw
Leroy and Anne Kilcup
Douglas and Willeen Klan
Tiffany Koenig and John Ostolaza
Jackie and Mike Kraemer
Jim Ladd
Karen Lamble
Paul and Susan Latham
Martha and Gene Lee
Mark and Deborah Levine
Bonny Liljebeck
Ben and Angie Liu
Dr. William and Janet Loscher
Fred Lunki
Linda and Terry Mahaffey
Ayleene and Peter Main
Lawrence McAusland
David and Betty McCaw
Beth McCaw and Yahn Bernier
Lyn McCoy and Richard Szeliski
Margaret Meister and Joan McBride
Angus McGill
Marilyn and Reid* Morgan
Debra and Jeff Morrow
Christy Nelson
Gary and Susan Neumann
Steve and Toni Nicholes
Chuck Nordhoff and Maribeth O'Connor
Beverly Ossewaarde*
Marilyn and David* Peterson

Dr. David and Mara Pitkethly
Eddie and Kim Poplawski
Jeremiah Powers and Rachel Jenner
Colin and Manio Radford
Vandana Rajagopalan
Kathy Randall
Sue and Tom Raschella
Dan and Cecelia Regis
Beverlee and Thomas Renninger
Dr. Sandra Rice and Martin Nizlek
The Ricketts Family
Michael and Maureen Rimkus
Richard Rosenkranz
Alan Ross
Dan and Gay Rowe
Daniel and Thanitthar Ruder
Paul and Catherine Salscheider
David Schooler and Kristen Webb
Marsha and James A. Seeley MD
Paula and Alan Senior
Matthew and Casey Shen
Franklin and Christine Sims
Mackenzie Skene and Suzanne Lusnia
Vinton and Amelia Sommerville
Jim and Fawn Spady
Stacy and Andrew Spelman
Ed and Frances Spring
Srivats Srinivasan
Shannon and Donna* Stafford
Molly and Jim Stearns
Jay and Jennifer Stelly
Stephanie and Jamie Stewart
Sheryl and Mark Stiefel
Ed and Kay Sturdivant
Julie and James Sun
Michael and Lynne Sweeney
Jennifer Tada
Gifford Thomas
Graham and Kammy Thompson
Jason, Gloria and Maddy Thompson
Severt W. Thurston
Andrew Tokar and Alexandra Chasin Tokar
June Toll, In Memory of John Gorman
Kevin Tran
Marlene and James* Trees
Stuart and Karen Vander Hoek
Dale Vogel and Nancy Bird
Michael and Carol Wade
Mr. Jay Wakefield and Dr. Suzy M. Wakefield
Joan S. Watjen
Anthony Welcher
Steven Wells
Dennis and Patricia Westover
Jeff and Amy Wilcox
Kimberley and Chris Williams
Kate Woodard
Jessie and David Woolley-Wilson
Barbara and Richard Wortley
Min-Yu Yang
Marinell and Peter Zevenbergen
Chun Mei "Ida" Zhu
3H Zhu Family

Physician Donors

$1,000 - $9,999

Dr. Robert and Gloria Bjurstrom
Drs. Raj and Mona Butani
Dr. Stacey Donlan and Mr. Dan Donlan
Dr. Joseph and Dana Doucette
Dr. Jeffrey Fowler and Noel Murphy
Dr. Todd and Jodi Freudenberger
Dr. Pamela Girres and Richard Sirota
Dr. Lawrence Greenblatt and Norma Ferchaud
Dr. Kristi Harrington and Timothy Fitzpatrick
Dr. J. Alan and Marianne Heywood
Dr. Andrew Hing
Dr. Priscilla Hoang and Mr. Adrian Synal
Dr. Richard and Lynn Kaner
Dr. David Knoepfler and Gosia Mazewska
Drs. Kelan and Elizabeth Koenig
Dr. Julie and John LaCombe
Dr. Edward and Jeanne Leonard

Dr. Georgia Lui and Stuart Lui
Dr. Silas and Trisha Marshall
Drs. Jennifer Mills and Jason Lukas
Dr. David Nelson and Georgette Fox
Dr. Thien and Abby Nguyen
Dr. Neal and Sandy Perlmutter
Dr. Richard and Laurel Rand
Dr. Tara and Milt Reimers
Drs. Derek Rodrigues and Larisa Kaukonen
Drs. Scott Shih and Martha Spieker
Dr. Lennart Tan and Helen Chang
Dr. Murray and Cheryl Urquhart
Dr. Katherine VanKessel
Dr. Chialin Wey
Dr. Joel Wilson and Radhika Moolgavkar
Drs. Patricia and Roger Zundel

Thank You!

Your contribution to Overlake helps support our new, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative, world-class care now and into the future.

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