August 18, 2015

Overlake Medical Center is First in State to use World’s Thinnest Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Nucleus Profile is the slimmest, thinnest implant option

Bellevue, Wash. August 18, 2015 – Overlake Medical Center became the first hospital in Washington state to use the Cochlear Nucleus Profile With Slim Straight (CI522) platform last month, when Dr. Trac Duong, M.D. used it on a patient suffering from severe hearing loss. Cochlear implant surgery can allow people with moderate to profound loss to hear again.                

Cochlear Nucleus Profile Series platform is the world’s thinnest cochlear implant available today and was just recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The thin design reduces the implant outline to maximize discretion. The benefit of having an implant with an unnoticeable appearance is an important factor for candidates receiving the surgery. This allows each patient to live full and active lives without any attention brought to the implant once it is in place; they are able to fully reconnect with family, friends and their community. 

“Cochlear implants are a life-changing technology for people with severe hearing loss,” said Dr. Trac Duong, M.D. “The design of the new, thinner implant allows for less invasive surgery which shortens healing time and promotes better hearing results."

The Nucleus Profile provides benefits beyond being thin, including:

  • Longer Lead Length- With 15mm increased lead length; the updated electrode is designed to accommodate differences in surgical preference.
  • Round Window and Cochleostomy Insertion- Designed for consistent Scala Tympani placement with variable insertion depth for full spectral hearing.
  • Thinner and Stronger- With increased impact resistance, the Nucleus Profile is almost two times stronger than the most reliable implant ever built, the previous generation Nucleus C124RE device.
  • Side by Side Electrode Lead Exit- The Profile Series simplifies surgical planning, with the same procedure for a left and right ear. All while achieving a thinner, more protected design.
  • Smooth Surface for Anti-Bacterial Formation- The geometry and surface finish of the Profile Series have been built to minimize bacterial formation and hence minimize the risk of infection issues.
  • Accommodates Preferred Fixation Methods From Well to Pocket
  • Removable Magnet Ideal for MRI- The profile is MRI compatible with a removable magnet to ensure the best imaging outcome.

Overlake Medical Center serves the Eastside Seattle community and is known for being at the forefront of innovation when it comes to medical technology. As the first hospital in the state to utilize this technology and the only hospital on the Eastside to perform this surgery, Overlake is proud to provide the hearing impaired with this opportunity that can allow them to have a better, fuller life.

Published on August 18, 2015