In The News: Seattle area used early social distancing, testing, to help begin flattening the coronavirus curve

The Washington Post's Robert Klemko spoke with Dr. David Knoepfler, chief medical officer and Tom DeBord, chief operations officer at Overlake Medical Center & Clinics about the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the article: "As supplies ran low, Overlake Hospital in Bellevue sent dozens of requests to the federal government for ventilators, gowns, face shields and masks, but hospital officials said they got just a few shipments. So they got creative, ordering several dozen face shields manufactured for paintball shooting competitions.

“It turns out the paintball industry has some wonderful equipment. Whole face shields. And unlike ours, they’re anti-fog!” chief medical officer David Knoepfler said."

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