In The News: State warns COVID mental health struggles could get worse before better

MyNorthwest and KIRO Radio's Nicole Jennings published an article with information from Dr. Albert Tsai, Overlake Clinics - Psychiatry, on the rising need for behavioral health services in our state. The Washington State Department of Health publishes monthly forecasts on projected behavioral health needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the article, "It’s very important, Tsai said, to take mental breathers throughout the day with exercise, yoga, or meditation. Clearing your head, moving around, and getting fresh air for a little while can do wonders." 

Cognitive behavioral therapy, which can be practiced through self-help books or with a therapist, can be very beneficial for those with anxiety.

Unfortunately, while exercise and nutritious foods go hand-in-hand with mental health, Tsai sees many people choosing to deal with anxiety and depression by self-medicating — in a variety of ways."

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