In The News: Symptoms and Solutions For Pandemic Fatigue

Lauren Hunsberger, from Bellevue Club Reflections, interviewed Rachel Sternoff, ARNP, DNP at Overlake Clinics - Downtown Bellevue about facing pandemic fatigue.

From the article, "RM: What are some of those symptoms?

RS: We are having a lot of patients come in with elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, chronic diarrhea, headaches, insomnia—and a lot of these symptoms are clearly stress-mediated.

RM: What exactly is happening when people exhibit these symptoms?

RS: When our bodies are stressed out, we go into fight or flight and release epinephrine and cortisol. Those hormones are supposed to be temporary and increase the heart rate, blood pressure and release glucose into the blood stream so we can run from a bear or run from a bus—it’s something to help us be proactive so we can use stress for good. The problem is right now they are chronically elevated."

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