In The News: Puget Sound health experts share what they’ve learned since the COVID-19 pandemic hit

KING TV's Jake Whittenberg checked in with Dr. Eric Shipley, department chairperson of emergency at Overlake Medical Center, about lessons learned since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the article, "Dr. Eric Shipley, M.D. Emergency Room Director, Overlake Medical Center

Kids are indeed at extremely low risk. The elderly are at greatest risk.

Treatments: "Yes" to Remdesivir. "No" to everything else except perhaps Decadron or Steroids.

Contact transmission: COVID is spread ostensibly by respiratory secretions. The incredible fear of touching some contaminated surface and then touching nose and transmitting illness is dramatically overstated. Transmission typically occurs when people are in close contact (5 feet) of someone with illness for 15 minutes.

COVID affects nearly every organ system. Hence the multitude of symptoms: Headache to Diarrhea.

Hospitals still have capacity and COVID admittance is still very low in King County."

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