In the News: Trendy Treatments - Minimally-Invasive Surgeries

Robert Binford, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Overlake Medical Center, talks with 425 Business about the rise of minimally-invasive surgeries and the new technology and tools making these procedures possible.

From the story: “People can go back to work in four weeks if they’re driven to and they want to,” Binford said. Less recovery time and smaller scars are just a couple reasons such surgery is increasingly popular. “Some of those aren’t classic surgery — we’re not making an incision or anything — but they’re still addressing these problems that used to require surgery that may not even require surgery anymore,” he said. “And this is only going to get more and more common. And I would say within the next 10, 15 years, a large part of what we call structural heart valves and stuff will be done either minimally invasive like I do, or with a robot."

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