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In the News: Why some health care workers in Washington state were reluctant to get COVID shots

Sandi Doughton with The Seattle Times speaks with Overlake Medical Center's director of medical surgical nursing services and clinical education, Brandy Slade, and Chief Medical Officer, David Knoepfler, MD, about the public's reluctance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and how they're encouraging people to get vaccinated.

From the story: “I asked a lot of questions of friends and colleagues who already had it, and truly listened to their answers without any judgment of my own,” said Brandy Slade, RN, BSN. “I just realized that the risk of catching this virus and potentially dying, or passing it on to a loved one who could potentially die, outweighed my fears.”

“The quickest way to get somebody to close their mind is to make demands,” said Knoepfler. Name-calling doesn’t help either. Knoepfler never refers to reluctant staff as “vaccine-deniers,” preferring the term “defer-ers.”

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