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In the News: Teamwork at its Best

ENA Connection details the quick-thinking from a team of Overlake nurses and a physician in the emergency department the night a four-year-old was brought in after suffering an apparent stroke.

Overlake's Bill Clark, RN, Holly Peterson, BSN, RN, Tyler Sweeney, RN, Ryan Johnston, RN, and John Tanner, MD, were all working in the emergency department that night and share their recollection of the night, when time was of the essence.

From the story: "I remember thinking this girl had all the symptoms of a stroke. However, given her age, I questioned if a stroke was even a possibility," said Ryan Johnston, RN, who joined the care team as the child’s primary nurse. "We think of stroke as a condition affecting older people; we don’t think about it affecting kids, especially a 4-year-old."

"In busier EDs, it is easy to place the patient in a room after triage and walk away," Holly Petersen, BSN, RN, remarked. "But nothing about this patient made me want to walk away, especially the fact that she was a child."

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