In the News: Doctors exhausted after battling 'infodemic' on top of pandemic

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In an interview with Scripps national reporter Vanessa Misciagna, infectious disease physician Edward Leonard, II, MD and pulmonologist Radha Agrawal, MD, talk about their experiences as physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From the story: "I've heard some people use the word that we've, in some ways, been villainized, I wouldn't say that. I would say that we've been forgotten," said Dr. Agrawal. "You see [patients] every day and you take care of them everyday and they become part of your family and it's hard to kind of hold a grudge in a sense."

"It would be very easy as a provider with our morale and fatigue to kind of snap back and that is the last thing we need to do," said Dr. Leonard.

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