Major Wage, Benefits Initiative Reinforces Overlake’s Quality

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Overlake Medical Center & Clinics plans sweeping pay increases for most of its employees in upcoming weeks and is expanding benefits for all 3,340 team members. Coming amid the region’s fast-changing economic conditions, the initiative is designed to reward and retain staff, encourage early-career healthcare workers, and provide team members more wellness and family support. Over 80% of Overlake’s workforce, including registered nurses and all other hourly employees, will receive an unprecedented pay boost.

Under the wage initiative, registered nurses will get a $5 per hour increase on Jan. 2, 2023. Coupled with a 4% pay hike on May 8, 2023, it provides RNs with significant raises a full 15 months before their next scheduled contract renewal in May 2024. While increasing compensation for all RNs, there will be special impact on newer nurses for whom the January hourly raise represents a larger percentage of their pay.

Overlake’s patient care technicians will receive a 12.5 % wage increase on Dec. 5 of this year. Pay for medical assistants will rise by $4 an hour, also on Dec. 5.  In addition, wages for all other hourly employees will increase by another 5% on Jan. 2, 2023, just six months after their higher-than-market annual raise in August, 2022.

Employee benefits are being expanded and enhanced, with a focus on providing greater assistance with wellness and family. Team members will have more access to no-cost, culturally appropriate mental health services. Overlake will also offer a program of care coordinators who can help employees locate and manage child care and elder care.

“This initiative shows Overlake values our employees, who are the backbone of our organization, and is again a market leader in employee compensation,” says Overlake President and CEO J. Michael Marsh, noting that the organization began analyzing and planning for the increases this past August. “The raises recognize our team members’ extraordinary commitment to our mission to provide compassionate care during a time when so much has been expected of them. The benefit enhancements promote wellness and make it easier to balance work and home life. Throughout Overlake’s six decades, we have been renowned for our high quality and our exceptional workplace is central to it.”