In the News: It’s possible to get flu, RSV, and COVID at same time

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From the story: “We are certainly starting to see patients getting one or all three at the same time,” said Dr. Edward Leonard, an infectious disease specialist at Overlake Medical Center.

If you are one of the unlucky people to get the triple threat of viruses, Leonard said in general, as with the pandemic, how severe your symptoms are will largely depend on how healthy you were.

“Some people just may feel much more rundown than normal with one [virus] or the other. It just depends on what that person’s health is at that moment and their otherwise comorbid conditions,” Leonard said, adding, “Most patients who are otherwise healthy and have no major comorbid conditions would probably do quite well overall. They may have, again, more symptoms and more fatigue, but I think they would be able to handle these infections quite well.”

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