Overlake Partners with Wellthy to Provide Employees with Innovative Caregiving Support and Solutions

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Overlake Medical Center & Clinics and Wellthy announce a partnership on National Caregiver Day that will give nearly 3,000 Overlake employees access to the Wellthy platform to help balance work, life and family caregiving responsibilities.

This partnership provides Overlake employees with access to resources to help them manage the demands of caring for a loved one. As the aging population continues to grow, the demand for family caregiver support is rapidly increasing. With nearly 65,000 people every day becoming caregivers to a parent, child, sibling, or loved one, many employees find themselves balancing the demands of work and care, which can be a significant source of stress and burnout. Overlake recognizes the importance of supporting employees in these challenging circumstances and is proud to be partnering with Wellthy to provide them with the resources and support they need.

The partnership will enable all eligible Overlake employees to have access to expert care coordination and an innovative digital platform to help tackle the logistics and administrative tasks of caring for loved ones or themselves.

“National Caregiver Day gives us an urgent moment to demonstrate the value of family caregivers and our commitment to make sure they have every tool they need in order to be successful at work, at home, and in caring for their loved ones,” says Lisa Morten, Overlake’s chief people officer. “Overlake’s guiding principles are driven by compassion – both for our patients and their loved ones, but also for our team and their loved ones. We’re excited that caregivers throughout our workforce will now have even more benefits like Wellthy to support them.”

Family caregiving responsibilities continue to rise dramatically. Roughly one in five employees are providing some kind of unpaid care to a loved one. Caregiving support for employees is now becoming one of the smartest investments an employer can make to ensure their teams are able to handle the demands of a loved one’s care along with their work. This is especially urgent as family caregiving has now become the number two reason (behind retirement) that people are leaving the workforce.

In addition to Wellthy, Overlake is upgrading its mental health counseling services, reinventing its approach to a traditional EAP (employee assistance program). Between the two, Overlake will provide a more comprehensive, ongoing support system for employees navigating complex or chronic health conditions, special needs, childcare, aging, and financial hardship. 

“Employees in the healthcare sector – especially in hospitals – know firsthand how urgent and necessary it is to have access to benefits and resources that help people care for their loved ones. In fact, many hospital workers are the go-to caregiver for when a critical care need strikes at home,” says Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO and co-founder of Wellthy. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to support Overlake’s team with personalized care coordination and technology.”