Overlake Joins Washington State Blue Band Initiative to Help Keep Patients, Babies Safe from Preeclampsia Risk

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Overlake Joins Washington State Blue Band Initiative
(Courtesy: Washington State Dept. of Health)

Overlake Medical Center & Clinics this week joins the statewide Blue Band Initiative to reduce a patient’s risk of developing a serious and potentially life-threatening condition known as preeclampsia—or persistent high blood pressure/hypertension—during pregnancy.

Preeclampsia impacts nearly one in every 25 pregnancies in the U.S. and can have significant impacts on expectant patients and their baby if it isn’t closely monitored or treated appropriately. To help alert healthcare providers about a patient’s risk for this condition, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) began its Blue Band Initiative. Overlake has begun issuing blue wristbands to higher-risk patients, encouraging them to wear it during pregnancy and after their delivery.

“Overlake is committed to improving our community and state’s maternal mortality and morbidity rate, one blue band at a time,” says Candice Palma, nurse manager of Overlake’s Labor & Delivery Unit. “These bands are a simple way to alert healthcare providers right away when a patient may not be able to vocalize their condition.”

Early detection and treatment of preeclampsia can reduce the chance of severe complications. These bands will be especially helpful for patients during unplanned visits to urgent care or the emergency room—helping to ensure a patient receives the correct treatment.

“Symptoms of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy can mimic other conditions, making it challenging for healthcare providers to recognize and respond to in a timely manner,” says Margie Bridges, Overlake perinatal clinical nurse specialist. “While Overlake staff are well versed and are always on the lookout for symptoms of preeclampsia, being a part of the Blue Band Initiative will make sure our patients are well taken care of wherever they receive treatment.”

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