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Living Well - 1 Min Read
Radiation Oncologist Treats Rare Hand Condition
Dupuytren’s contracture is a rare, benign condition that affects tissue under the skin in the palm and fingers. If left untreated, it can lead to the inability to open the hand. Overlake radiation oncologist, Nicholas Serrano, MD, is one of only a few in the country who provides radiation treatment that can slow the progression of the disease.
Ask a Doctor - 5 Min Read
Do You Need a Sleep Study?
Reuben Walia, MD, with Overlake Clinics Sleep Medicine, shares the two types of sleep studies, what happens during a sleep study, and typical results and treatments.
Women’s Health - 2 Min Read
Back to Aerobics and More after a Pelvic Procedure
When Candace began experiencing the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, she did her best to ignore them. She waited a year before going to the doctor about the problem and all that time, it became harder to live with the condition. A procedure with urogynecologist Julie LaCombe, MD, with Overlake Clinics Pelvic Health ultimately resolved the problem, making it possible for Candace to return to the activities she loves.
Living Well - Min Read
What Does World Class Mean to You?
When world-class services and facilities are in a community, everyone who lives and works there benefits. The Eastside is such a place, and Overlake is proud to be the outstanding medical center that helps everyone in our community live their best lives.
Women’s Health - 2 Min Read
Raising a Glass to Successful Pelvic Surgery
When Marie learned she had a slight pelvic organ prolapse, a lack of symptoms for several years made it easy to live with the condition as she continued her busy lifestyle. But then Marie experienced a protrusion that was impossible to ignore. Surgery with Overlake Clinics Pelvic Health allowed her to return to the work she loves.
Women’s Health - 1 Min Read
Using Nitrous Oxide for Pain Relief During Childbirth
There are a variety of pain relief options available during childbirth, but did you know laughing gas is one of them? Learn the benefits of using this odorless, tasteless gas to manage pain during labor.
Living Well - 2 Min Read
Patient Story: Theresa Kirkmire
On a hot summer day last year, a fan’s breeze blew across Theresa Kirkmire’s face and caused such intense pain that she wanted to scream. Theresa, 50, had no warning that she would suddenly feel like she had been stuck by a “hot poker.”
Nutrition - 1 Min Read
Make Meatless Meals a Habit 
Starting with just one meatless meal a week can put you on the path to better health—and save you money. Not only is meat often more expensive per pound than other types of protein, but it is also a big culprit of calories, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.
Living Well - 3 Min Read
Patient With Rare Cancer Undergoes Cutting-Edge Surgery
Tom Underhill, 75, of Bothell, owns a furniture company and was on a business trip when he suddenly fell ill. Testing revealed bile duct cancer, and after a recommendation of a highly skilled surgeon, he turned to Overlake.