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Birth Story: The Aarthi and Mano Family

Birth story submitted by the Aarthi and Mano Family

"Baby Reny came into our lives in June of 2020 by VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). My time at Overlake was nothing less than a joyful and healing experience. We love our OBGYN, Dr. Dvorak, and she delivers at Overlake. Due to our experience, we will now recommend the Overlake Childbirth Center to anyone who asks.

"While in labor, I mentioned my previous C-section to my nurses and how that affected me. They were so empathetic and respected my birth plan 100%. During the progression of labor, each person encouraged me, even when I wanted to give up. They reminded me how much I wanted this and respected my wishes.

"My labor and delivery nurses, Janet and Ali, were so compassionate, they made my experience unforgettable. Janet came back to visit me postpartum; I was so taken aback by her kindness. Debbie, a nurse in the mother/baby unit, made sure my postpartum care was easier than I expected. With the pandemic, I was anxious about delivering, but after seeing the nurses and how they worked, I felt at home. By that point, I wasn’t even thinking about COVID-19 anymore.

"My husband and I relish our birth experience and will recommend Overlake in a heartbeat to whoever asks."

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