Body Maintenance Exercises to Help You Stay Injury Free

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We take our cars in for regular tune-ups and oil changes. We sharpen our kitchen knives when they’re dull. We service our washing machines when they’re not running properly. Why not think of exercise as the maintenance our bodies need?

Whether it’s taking care of young children, gardening or stand-up paddle boarding on the weekends, we use our bodies as tools that allow us to accomplish everyday activities we want and need to do. In order for our bodies to keep running efficiently without injury or pain, it requires weekly maintenance.

The following are basic exercise recommendations for adults from the American College of Sports Medicine to help keep your body in tune for overall strength, stability and
injury prevention. 


  • What kind? Moderate-intensity exercise (walking, running, cycling, swimming).
  • When? 5 days/week.
  • How long? 30–60 minutes.


  • What kind? Train each major muscle group using weights or resistance bands.
  • When? 2–3 days/week.
  • How long? 2–4 sets of each exercise with at least 8–12 repetitions.


  • What kind? Stretching.
  • When? 2–3 days/week.
  • How long? Hold each stretch 10–30 seconds, repeat 2–4 times.

Note: Wait at least 48 hours between resistance training sessions.


  • What kind? Tai chi and yoga.
  • When? 2–3 days/week.
  • How long? 20–30 minutes/day.

Note: To avoid injury, gradually progress your exercise time, frequency and intensity. Those unable to meet these minimums can still benefit from some activity.

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