Getting Back to Your Best Self After an Injury

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Overlake Clinics - Musculoskeletal Medicine is composed of physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation), physical therapists and massage therapists who work along side one another to treat a wide range of problems related to the spine, bones, joints, muscles and nerves.

"The team looks at health issues holistically; they are not just solving one issue in a vacuum."


With a focus on improving a person’s function and quality of life, clinic providers treat health problems that might arise from a lifting injury at work, low back pain that came on years before, a triathlete with a new knee injury who needs rehabilitation, a person with chronic headaches or a grocery checker with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Working in conjunction with the Overlake Neuroscience Institute, physiatrists also coordinate the care for those individuals who might need surgery or specialized neurological management.

The clinic takes a comprehensive approach, combining therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, patient education, and multiple modes of treatment to enhance the recovery of their patients and return them to full function in the shortest time possible.

The clinic also integrates care with the Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic, so that all therapists are part of the team approach to medical care.

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