It Can Happen at Any Age

In September 2019, an enormous pain in Sapana Mandore’s head hit her out of the blue. It was no ordinary headache or migraine. Sapana shares how the rest of that day unfolded, how time was a factor in her survival and her road to recovery.

On September 8, 2019, Sapana Mandore, 34, of Bellevue, her husband and 3-year-old daughter were at home spending time together as they typically do before the week begins. Then, an enormous pain in Sapana’s head hit her out of the blue. This was no ordinary headache or migraine; it was an excruciating pain, accompanied by blurry, double vision and dizziness. Sapana shares how the rest of that day in September unfolded, how time was a factor in her survival and her road to recovery.

There was a lot of pain in the back of my head—unlike anything I’ve ever experienced—and I couldn’t open my eyes because my vision was so blurry, so I knew something was wrong. I told my husband that we must go to the ER. He called 911, and I was taken by ambulance to Overlake. I immediately had tests done that showed I’d had an ischemic stroke, which means it was caused by a blood clot. I was then taken to surgery.

Dr. Abhineet Chowdhary and his team performed the surgery [thrombectomy], which removed the clot. I had never felt like this before. And, neither has anyone in my family. I see my family doctor regularly, and I’ve never had any problems with my blood pressure or cholesterol, or any of my numbers. I’ve never had any major medical issues.

While I’m still seeing speech and occupational therapists at Overlake Rehabilitation Services, and doing therapy to correct my double vision, I have already completed physical therapy and am showing great improvements.

Although my pace of life is a little slower than normal, my daughter hasn’t slowed down! I am thankful for my husband and family who stepped in to help take care of her when I came home from the hospital. I’m also grateful for the doctors and nurses at Overlake; my experience at the hospital and clinics has been excellent.

From what I’ve been told, if we hadn’t acted so fast, I may have had further disabling issues, or worse, I might not have made it. I am so grateful.

Contributed by Sapana Mandore.