Overlake Women in Medicine Share Their Insights for Women’s History Month

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This Women's History Month, we proudly celebrate our female providers, physicians and support staff who positively impact our patients and community—this month and every month. Inspiring the next generation of women in healthcare, some of Overlake's own medical trailblazers share their inspirations, advice and greatest accomplishments.

Female providers and staff at Overlake.

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

  • "Women’s History Month gives us the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of women throughout history. It’s such an important month to reflect on female trailblazers in all fields and empower women to chase their dreams." – Asra Mazhar, DO
  • "Women in history have often been minimized, overshadowed or erased completely. Women’s History Month shines a spotlight on their contributions and achievements. It reminds us that women have played a massive role throughout history." – Christy Chan, MD

What is the biggest challenge facing women in your field today?

  • "The biggest challenge is being heard, from the operating room to the board room." – Eileen T. Consorti, MD, MS
  • "As a female physician in medicine, one of the biggest challenges I see is creating and cultivating an environment where women are empowered and respected amongst their colleagues. Workplace equality is critical to the success of women in any field and something I believe we should always strive for." – Asra Mazhar, DO
  • "Balancing life and work. Working in medicine requires devoting so much of yourself—your time, your passion, your struggles—that it can be difficult to also make time for family." – Christy Chan, MD

What led you to pursue a career in healthcare?

  • "My one goal in life is to help people. My mom is also in healthcare and I saw how she made a difference in her patient's and coworker's lives. I hope to emulate that." – Dana Cox, MA
  • "I have two sisters with severe cerebral palsy. My family’s experience navigating the medical system for help with their inscrutable condition was harrowing. I wanted to learn all I could to help make it less mysterious and frightening for others.” – Christy Chan, MD
  • "The field of medicine captivated my heart and mind ever since I learned what role doctors have in the lives of their patients. The knowledge, skills and compassion required to become a physician lured me into this career as a means of serving my community in the most noble way—helping people achieve better health through knowledge of the human body." – Asra Mazhar, DO
  • "Caring for my Dad when he got sick with cancer." – Sara Whitner, Clinical Nurse Specialist

What woman inspires you and why?

  • "My resilient mother. She grew up in poverty and fought for an education when most women could not. She immigrated to the United States and became a successful business owner, while taking care of a multi-generational family and four daughters—two of which were severely disabled." – Christy Chan, MD
  • "I see inspiration all around me. I see inspiration in women who have succeeded regardless of obstacles, women who fall but get back up and those who keep moving forward." – Sonya Alford, CMA
  • "My mother inspired me. She was a critical care nurse, raising five children and taking courses at night for a Masters in Health Administration. She stressed to all her children the importance of a college education." – Eileen T. Consorti, MD, MS

What advice would you give to other women in your profession?

  • "The glass ceiling was made to be shattered. You are capable of moving mountains. Fight for your passions and chase your dreams. As long as you have that fire and drive for the things you love, you will be successful!" – Asra Mazhar, DO
  • "Live life as fully as possible. This is not a dress rehearsal. Do not be afraid to ask for what you need to develop in your career and life." – Eileen T. Consorti, MD, MS
  • "You don't have to change who you are to be successful. Keep reaching for your next goal. No matter the circumstances, we must always do what's right. Use your power to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Persevere." – Ayesha, PMP
  • "You can do anything, no matter what anyone says. Your gender does not define you and you can do incredible and amazing things if you put your mind and heart to it." – Dana Cox, MA

What is an accomplishment you are proud of?

  • "Achieving a childhood dream to become a physician and having a supportive family and children to share it with." – Christy Chan, MD
  • "I feel incredibly fortunate to create meaningful relationships with my patients on a daily basis as their family medicine physician. Guiding and supporting my patients to better health and seeing their improvements is such a huge accomplishment that keeps me going every day." – Asra Mazhar, DO
  • "My sons. I love them so much. There is an unwritten rule between us that every conversation ends with "I love you" being said." – Eileen T. Consorti, MD, MS
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