Prevent Biking and Running Injuries with a Professional Assessment

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“Move it or lose it” the saying goes, but too much running or biking can lead to overuse injuries. Overuse injuries come in many forms and can be very painful. They can also hinder performance. Fortunately, these types of sports injuries are also easily preventable. Kathryn Dove, PT, with Overlake Clinics Issaquah Musculoskeletal Medicine, shares how professional bike fitting and running assessment can help prevent overuse injuries, reduce pain and improve form.

Biker and runner outside.

What is bike fitting and should you get one?  

Bike fitting assesses a person's bike setup to help them avoid injuries due to poor positioning on their bike. The bike is placed on a bike trainer during the fitting and leveled out. The physical therapist (PT) measures the patient’s knee, hip, trunk, shoulder and elbow angles while on the bike—in their typical riding position—and then compares them to recommended ranges. If appropriate, adjustments are made in the clinic to bring the person within or as close to recommended ranges as possible. Additionally, a laser can help line up the foot, knee and hip to see if any cleats and/or pedal adjustments are necessary. The PT may also recommend equipment changes if adjustments aren't enough to address specific issues.  

How can treadmill running assessments benefit runners?  

A treadmill running assessment analyzes a patient's running gait to find abnormalities that could increase injury risk. During the assessment, the patient runs on a treadmill while videos are taken from multiple angles. The PT then reviews these videos in slow motion with the patient and makes recommendations based on the individual's running patterns. This process can help determine which patterns are contributing to current symptoms or putting the patient at risk of overuse injuries related to running.

Who can benefit from a bike or running assessment?

Any person with spine or joint pains related to biking or running can benefit from a professional assessment. Our licensed PTs aim to set patients up for success to reduce pain and prevent future injury. Overlake Clinics Musculoskeletal Medicine provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options. Call 425.394.1200 for an appointment to start you on a path to a pain-free and healthier life.

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