Robot Reboot: Fundraising for the daVinci Xi

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It seems every day brings news of a new whiz-bang gizmo that will change the world (self-driving cars, anyone?). Technology moves forward with such breathtaking speed that many of yesterday’s world-changing machines are giving way to better, faster, upgraded versions.

So it is in medicine, where the latest and greatest innovations are frequently updated. Case in point: Many Overlake patients have benefited from robot-assisted surgeries in the past eight years. Our da Vinci robots have deployed their robotic arms (always under the control of the surgeon) to perform thousands of minimally invasive procedures with smaller incisions and often shorter hospital stays.

Contributions from the community were instrumental in enabling Overlake to bring the da Vincis onto the surgical team, and philanthropy will again play a critical role as we add two new da Vinci Xi robots this year.

Integrating new technologies into Overlake’s operating rooms is an ongoing process and requires careful research and vetting by an interdisciplinary team of clinical professionals. It also takes millions of dollars.

Each year, thousands of Eastsiders make gifts to Overlake to help ensure that their community’s hospital remains on the leading edge of medical technology and treatment. Their investments pay off in outstanding care for their families and neighbors.

To learn more about Overlake Medical Center Foundation’s work in connecting the community with medical technology, please visit

Pictured: Dr. Liz Miller of Washington Urology.

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