Why You Need a Primary Care Provider

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On your ever-growing list of priorities, making a doctor appointment when you’re feeling well may not be at the top. But there are good reasons for developing an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider instead of waiting until a health issue arises.

Primary care is the starting point to a lifetime of good health. Primary care providers look at your overall health to help you prevent medical problems or catch them early, before they get serious. Based on your family history and individual lifestyle, your primary care provider can put together a preventive care plan to keep you healthy and have a baseline in case a medical issue develops. Routine exams aren’t just about checking your blood pressure and weight; your provider will ask about your eating and exercise habits and emotional well-being, including work and family stress that might adversely affect your health.

“The more I know about a patient and the dynamics that affect their lives, the better we can make correct medical decisions together,” says Gregory Maddox, MD, a family medicine provider who will be on staff at Overlake’s primary care clinic in Newcastle.

The physicians and nurse practitioners on staff offer a wide range of healthcare services including health maintenance screenings, immunizations, annual physical exams, routine women’s care, acute care and chronic disease management. Family medicine providers can see patients as young as newborns, and for additional convenience, you may schedule back-to-back appointments with other members of your family.

“This is highly rewarding from a physician standpoint,” says Dr. Maddox. “There is tremendous value in treating multiple family members and getting to know the whole family.”

Typically, chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can be easily managed by primary care. However, if the condition doesn’t respond to initial treatments, your primary care provider can determine which kind of specialist you need and will make a referral. And, while being seen by a specialist, your primary care provider will stay in the loop and keep an eye on the big picture.

Overlake Clinics offer same-day appointments at our network of primary care and urgent care clinics located conveniently in Eastside neighborhoods. The clinics are also connected to Overlake’s emergency services, outpatient imaging, lab and affiliated specialist physicians, offering patients a full spectrum of medical services.

If you are looking for a primary care provider, visit overlakehospital.org/primarycare or call (425) 688-5211.

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