Ensuring Excellence for the Future

Endowments at Overlake help ensure world-class healthcare services for our Eastside community in the years ahead. An endowment is also a way to leave a lasting legacy of caring for your family and community.

How an Endowment Works

An endowment provides financial support to the hospital in perpetuity. Contributions to Overlake’s endowments are responsibly invested and managed, and the income is distributed annually as unrestricted funding or to support a specific program. 

The Trailblazers Endowment

Overlake’s general, unrestricted endowment is the Trailblazers Endowment for Medical Excellence. Your contributions to the fund will be directed where they are needed most to provide the best possible care. Needs change over time, so the flexibility that unrestricted support allows is key to directing resources where they can have the greatest impact on our patients, families and community.

Creating Named Endowments

You also have the opportunity to create an endowment that bears your name or the name of a loved one. The endowment may be unrestricted or designated to a specific program of your choice. Establishing a named endowment requires a minimum contribution of $100,000.

Benefits to Donors

In addition to knowing that your gift will help future generations receive excellent care, you benefit in several ways when you contribute to an endowment:

  • As with any charitable gift, tax benefits may be available.
  • Donors who establish a named endowment become members of Overlake’s Benefactors Society.
  • Donors of $500 or more are recognized in the Foundation's Annual  Report to the Community.

How to Make an Endowment Gift

Any gift to the Foundation may be designated to an endowment. You may make your contribution in a number of ways, now or over your lifetime. Your gift can be made in honor of a caregiver or special person in your life, or in memory of a loved one.

To make a contribution or to learn more, contact the Foundation at (425) 688-5525  or by email.