In the News: They’re Here To Save Your Life

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Eileen Consorti, MD, Medical Director of Overlake Cancer Center and Breast Surgeon, is featured in the newest issue of Seattle Magazine as one of the top oncologists in Western Washington. At Overlake's Breast Surgery Center, Dr. Consorti’s scope of care includes comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for her patients, including the use of emerging treatments, and the promotion of genomic testing and early detection. It's that approach that is resonating with patients at Overlake's Breast Surgery Center.

From the story: “When [Dr. Consorti] first examined me, she took a blank piece of paper and drew the ducts and the type of cancer. Nothing has ever been so clear to me,” says patient Madeline Smithberg. “She’s got a brain like a sponge and all she wants is knowledge. She’s this incredible human who has emerged in my life, but it’s not just her. It’s everyone here.”

“Making sure patients get genetically tested that have high-risk factors, such as family members with certain cancers, could tip us to knowing about genetic mutations that predispose them to various cancers,” Dr. Consorti says.

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