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Our team of digestive disease specialists will work together to get to the root of your symptoms and create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

Digestive health issues can be painful, complex and may hold you back from doing the things you love. Because symptoms like stomach pain and indigestion are associated with a number of conditions, many patients struggle to get a clear diagnosis and targeted treatment. 

Overlake Medical Center & Clinics is home to a team of specialists across many areas of care including liver and pancreas disease, colorectal cancer, metabolic and bariatric surgery and nutrition. We take the time to understand your unique symptoms, determine exactly what’s causing them and create a care plan to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

    Expert, Patient-Centered Care Close to Home

    Overlake Medical Center provides advanced care for families close to home in Bellevue, Kirkland and surrounding areas. Our patients have access to specialists right in their neighborhood — including gastroenterologists, surgeons, nutritionists, oncologists — who work together to provide great care.      

    Our team of experts understands that digestive health is very personal, and requires a tailored plan for diagnosis, treatment and management. We put you at the center of every medical decision and work together to meet each person’s needs and preferences. We’ll create a care plan based on your digestive health goals and work together to help you achieve them.

    The Latest in Surgery

    If you need surgery for a digestive condition, rest assured that you are in great hands with Overlake. We employ the only hepatobiliary surgeon on the east side of Lake Washington, with specialized expertise in performing a surgery called the Whipple procedure for pancreatic cancers. 

    Overlake is home to surgeons with deep experience in using the DaVinci robot for minimally invasive surgery, which offers the most precise procedures and a faster healing time than traditional surgery.

    We also offer leading-edge surgical procedures for complex reflux management including robotic surgery, endoscopic fundoplication (TIF) and the LINX band for treatment of GERD, and radiofrequency ablation to treat Barrett’s esophagus and reduce the risk of associated cancers.

    Advanced Screenings, Leading Cancer Care

    Our team offers the latest tools for routine cancer screenings, helping identify cancers early, when they’re most treatable. We offer extensive colon cancer screenings as well as genetic counseling for people who have a higher risk of colon cancer. Patients also have access to our High-Risk Cancer Program in partnership with Fred Hutch Cancer Center. This program offers proactive assessment and management for individuals who are at high risk for developing cancer due to genetics, family history, personal history and other factors.

    For those who receive a cancer diagnosis, our team is here for you and your family every step of the way. Our gastrointestinal cancer committee meets regularly to discuss each patient's unique disease and works together to create a treatment plan that addresses every aspect of your health — that means our patients don’t just have one doctor, but a whole team working together to provide the best care. Through our partnership with Fred Hutch Cancer Center, our patients have access to the highest quality care and the latest clinical trials without leaving the Eastside.

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