Expert Care in a Healing Environment

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After five years of planning, designing and building, Overlake has opened the doors to its new, five-story 240,000 square-foot tower. Standing on the corner of NE 10th St and 116th Ave NE, the tower is a state-of-the-art facility housing Overlake’s Childbirth Center, additional space for our cardiac, cancer and orthopedic patients, and a new laboratory and pharmacy.

The opening of the new tower marks the completion of Phase 2 of Project FutureCare, a three-phase plan that is the largest campus development project in Overlake’s 60-year history.

The first phase of Project FutureCare—building a hybrid operating room, optimized for minimally invasive heart surgeries and vascular procedures, and a new cardiovascular operating room—was completed in late 2019.

"Project FutureCare is an investment in our Eastside community, and it ensures we will continue to fulfill our pledge to deliver cutting-edge care close to home," says Tom DeBord, Overlake's chief operating officer.

Thoughtful, Modern Design

Our patients, families, staff, physicians and countless members of the community provided inspiration and guidance for the vision and design of the building. The interior spaces are inviting, comfortable and bathed in natural light to provide a healing environment.

The space in all of the patient rooms was designed in thirds: one-third for the patient, one-third for caregivers and one-third for family.

Patient rooms were designed in a “neighborhood of care” configuration. With workstations in the center of the neighborhood, nurses are steps away from their patients, with equipment and supplies close at hand. Nurses are able to check on each one of their patients from the nursing station.

Family-centered Care

The Childbirth Center occupies floors two and three of the new tower. From large concepts to small details, our patients and their families were at the center of every consideration. Rooms are large enough to welcome families and still give caregivers space to work. In fact, labor and delivery rooms are 90% larger than those in the previous space, while mother/baby rooms are 60% larger.

“Our new Labor and Delivery suites are large enough to offer dedicated space for the laboring mom and her care team, and space for the pediatric/neonatal team should the baby require extra care and space for the family,” says Kristin Graham, MD, medical director of obstetrics/gynecology at Overlake. “In this setting, we can safely care for the mother and baby during normal births as well as more complicated or high-risk births.”

Additionally, new features include an obstetric emergency department just for pregnant patients, an antepartum unit for high-risk pregnant women who require special care and hospitalization during their pregnancy, and additional NICU rooms designed to accommodate newborn twins.

Cardiac, Oncology and Orthopedic Units

The fourth and fifth floors of the tower house rooms for heart, cancer and orthopedic patients. Occupational and physical therapy facilities are on these floors for ease of access to therapies that are a critical part of the healing process.

Because the new tower connects with the South Tower, each of these units link to a similar unit, allowing the care team to move in a more efficient way.

New Laboratory and Pharmacy

The new laboratory, being in one central location, can more efficiently serve staff and patients. And, the pharmacy provides caregivers quick access to the medications a patient might need, ensuring medications are available on the nursing units as soon as orders are verified.

Dedicated Emergency Department Entrance

Located off NE 10th St, the new, dedicated Emergency Department entrance allows for quick walk-in access, improved flow for patient drop-offs, a short-term surface lot and direct entry to the underground parking garage.

More to Come

The third and final phase of Project FutureCare will be completed by 2022. It includes an upgraded inpatient Behavioral Health unit, demolition of the old East Tower, and a new front entrance that welcomes visitors and connects the main hospital lobby with the new tower. Click here for more information on Project FutureCare.

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