Hospital and physician bills along with health insurance claims can be confusing. We’re here to help you make sense of it all.

At Overlake, our goal is to help you have the best experience possible as a patient in our hospital and clinics. Part of that great experience is understanding ahead of time what your anticipated out-of-pocket costs will be for the services you receive. While costs vary widely based on the provider you choose and your care path, Overlake is here to help you make an informed decision about the cost of the care you are planning to receive.

Financial Assistance & Counselors

Overlake is known for the high quality of care we provide to our patients. An important part of our service is advising you of financial assistance that may be available to help pay for your care. It also is our duty to share with you information on the deposit requirements and your financial responsibility for services provided throughout your care. Payment of identified co-payments and deductibles can be made at the time services are rendered unless prior financial arrangements have been made.

Overlake offers a full range of financial services to aid patients seeking a funding source. Our financial counselors are available by calling 425.688.5655, or you may complete this contact form. The patient financial services office is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost Estimator

Please visit the cost estimator for additional information.

Insurance Billing

Inpatient (Overlake Medical Center)

The hospital will gladly bill your insurance company for your hospitalization when the proper information is given at the time you check-in to receive your services and benefits are assigned. The hospital will follow-up with you health insurance or plan to ensure payment for insurance portions.

Your hospitalization coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. While we will bill your insurance carrier as a service to you, you are ultimately responsible for your account with us. Any portion of charges not covered by your insurance company will be due at the time those charges are identified, with the exception of elective cosmetic procedures, which must be paid prior to the procedure.

Outpatient (Overlake Clinics)

The hospital or clinic will gladly bill your insurance company when the proper information is given and benefits are assigned. You are responsible for acquiring proper referral information from your primary care provider and/or your insurance company prior to your scheduled appointment. Your healthcare provider may fax the referral directly to our financial services office at 425.688.5969 or you may bring it with you on the date of service.

In all cases, please review your medical benefits information. In particular, any requirements related to co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, non-covered services, referrals and authorizations. You may be financially responsible for services rendered that are deemed non-covered benefits under your plan. Additionally, services determined not medically necessary prior to receiving them are often patient responsibility as your carrier will send you a letter outlining why the authorization is denied.

Charity Care

No man, woman or child should ever go without healthcare simply because they are unable to pay for it. Thanks in part to our generous and compassionate donors, over the last three years Overlake provided over $16 million in charity care. See our charity care policy or view our percentage discount chart.

Financial Assistance & Charity Care Programs

We recognize that financial difficulties may accompany the receipt of healthcare services and we want you to know that we offer programs to assist you. These programs are not available for elective (non-emergent care that is scheduled or planned prior to the service) cosmetic procedure cases. 

    If you have questions about any of the programs listed below, please contact our financial counselor at 425.688.5124 or fill out our contact us form. You can access the financial assistance and charity forms, including translations into additional languages, by clicking here

    Prompt Pay Discount Program

    This program is available only for medically necessary services where there is no insurance coverage and the guarantors do not qualify for our Financial Assistance Program. This program is also applicable to patients who are eligible under a medical insurance program but have no insurance coverage because they have maximized their benefit limits. The patient is granted a 30% discount from the total account charges by paying the full balance to Overlake Medical Center and / or Overlake Clinics within 30 days of the date of the first billing statement.

    Extended Payment Plan Program

    We are glad to work with you to establish an interest-free payment plan. The actual monthly payment and length of the contract will be dependent upon your outstanding balance. All payment plans require that you make a monthly payment based on the contracted schedule and amount established by Overlake’s financial counselors.

    Charity Care

    The charity care program provides financial assistance with the patient responsibility portion of your claim after insurance has made payment or where no insurance benefits exist. Depending on your specific financial situation at the time of service, you may qualify for a discount of 65 - 100% off the balance of your account. The amount of the discount is highly dependent on your income as compared to federal poverty guidelines.

    To apply for this program, you will need to complete a financial assistance / charity care application before or after services are provided and / or as soon as you are aware of your financial responsibility. This program will require you to provide specific information about your income.

    Overlake reserves the right to run a healthcare-related credit check that does not impact your credit rating during the application process. Financial assistance is only applicable after all other payment options have been received, including DSHS and third-party liability cases, such as auto or other accident coverage. 

    Access our charity care guidelines below. Alternative language copies of the following documents are available upon request.

    How to Get Health Coverage

    Because of the Affordable Care Act, everyone has more choices for getting health insurance coverage. Depending on your income, you may be able to get health coverage for you and your whole family at no cost or low cost through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. For most people, it will also be a very simple, very fast process to enroll in coverage.

    You can sign up for health insurance online at wahealthplanfinder.org or call the Washington Health Benefit Exchange at 1.855.WAFINDER (1.855.923.4633) or TTY/TTD at 1.855.627.9604.

    2-1-1 Community Resources

    To access links to a variety of health and human services resources available to King County residents click here.

    Patient Rights

    Overlake believes you have both the right and the responsibility to be an active participant in your healthcare. There are often difficult decisions that need to be made when dealing with your health. Overlake provides these resources in hopes that some of your decisions will be clearer and easily understood. If you are unclear about any decisions placed before you, ask your nurse or physician for further clarification and she or he will be able to assist you. Read more.

    Price Transparency

    The information provided represents average charges. Many factors influence the actual amount you will be billed and how much out-of-pocket cost you will owe.

    To receive basic, facility-specific information about services and charges provided in Washington hospitals, visit wsha.org/for-patients/hospital-pricing.