Financial Assistance

An important part of our service is advising you of financial assistance that may be available to help pay for your care. It also is our duty to share with you information on the deposit requirements and your financial responsibility for services provided throughout your care. Payment of identified co-payments and deductibles can be made at the time services are rendered unless prior financial arrangements have been made.

Note: Financial assistance programs are not available for elective (non-emergent care that is scheduled or planned prior to the service) cosmetic procedure cases. 

Financial Counselors

We recognize that financial difficulties may accompany the receipt of healthcare services and we want you to know that Overlake Medical Center & Clinics provide programs to assist you.

Overlake offers a full range of financial services to aid patients seeking a funding source. Our financial counselors are available by calling (425) 688-5655 MondayFriday, 8 a.m.5 p.m. You may alternatively complete this contact form and a representative will contact you within two business days. 

Charity Care

No man, woman or child should ever go without healthcare simply because they are unable to pay for it. Thanks in part to our generous and compassionate donors, over the last three years Overlake provided over $16 million in charity care. View Overlake's charity care policy or see the percentage discount chart.

The charity care program provides financial assistance with the patient responsibility portion of your claim after insurance has made payment or where no insurance benefits exist. Depending on your specific financial situation at the time of service, you may qualify for a discount of 70100% off the balance of your account. The amount of the discount is highly dependent on your income as compared to federal poverty guidelines.

Overlake reserves the right to run a healthcare-related credit check that does not impact your credit rating during the application process. Financial assistance is only applicable after all other payment options have been received, including DSHS and third-party liability cases, such as auto or other accident coverage. 


To apply for this program, you will need to download and complete a Financial Assistance (Charity Care) Application before or after services are provided and/or as soon as you are aware of your financial responsibility. This program will require you to provide specific information about your income.

You can access the financial assistance and charity forms, including translations into additional languages, by clicking here


Access our charity care guidelines below. Alternative language copies of the following documents are available upon request.