The Message of the Mustache: Men, Make Your Health a Priority

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Horseshoe. Painter’s brush. Lampshade. Handlebar. What sound like a collection of objects in the garage are actually types of mustaches men participating in “Movember” might be sporting.

The Movember movement encourages men to grow a mustache for men’s health awareness. From prostate cancer to mental health, Movember is a reminder for men to make their health and well-being a priority. By staying on track for annual check-ups and screenings, men can live longer, healthier lives (and have longer, healthier mustaches).

Men's Health Guidelines for Every Age

Beginning at age 18

  • Annually
    • Blood pressure check (or every two years).
    • Body mass index.
    • Skin cancer check.
    • Flu shot.
    • Mental health screening (discuss symptoms with your PCP).
    • Vision exams every 2–10 years. People with diabetes should have eyes dilated annually.
  • Every 4–6 years
    • Cholesterol check: Beginning at 20 or earlier or more frequently if you are at high risk for heart disease.
  • Every 10 years
    • Tetanus booster.

Beginning at age 45

  • Annually
    • Cholesterol check.
  • Every 3 years
    • Glucose/blood sugar check, or more frequently if you are overweight or have family risk factors.
  • Every 10 years
    • Colorectal cancer screening, or earlier or more frequently if you are at an increased risk. 

Beginning at age 50

  • As Needed
    • Prostate cancer screening, if you have average risk. Begin at 45 if you have a higher than average risk. Begin at 40 if you have more than one close relative with prostate cancer before age 65. Talk to your PCP about the pros and cons of testing.

At age 60

  • Shingles shot.

At age 65

  • Pneumonia shot.
  • Fall risk screening.
  • As Needed
    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, if you have ever smoked. Talk to your PCP.
    • Osteoporosis screening at 70, or earlier or more frequently if risk factors exist.


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Sources: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Movember Foundation, National Cancer Institute

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