Surgical Services Program

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We offer advanced approaches and the latest surgical techniques. We also offer compassionate care from diagnosis through recovery  close to home for families on the Eastside.

When you choose Overlake Medical Center and Clinics, you’re choosing a team of expert surgeons providing care in state-of-the-art facilities. Many of our surgeons have special training and interests in various conditions, from robotic gynecological cancer surgeries to minimally invasive joint replacements.

Patients often tell us that they choose our team because we offer the latest in care – in a smaller, easier to navigate health system. They appreciate having a cohesive team dedicated to them who works with them to provide the very best care.

Surgical Treatments and Services

A Team of Experts, Close to Home and Dedicated to You   

Overlake is home to field-leading surgeons who do thousands of surgical procedures every year. Our care team knows that every person is different and everybody has their own unique health needs and goals. That’s why we put you and your preferences at the center of every healthcare decision. We’ll work together to walk you through your treatment options and select the treatment that will best meet your preferences,  needs and goals. Your team will put you at the center of every healthcare decision and you won’t have to travel to Seattle to get the care and expertise you need and deserve.

The Latest Approaches and Tools

Our surgeons stay abreast of the latest advances in surgical care, including:

  • Minimally invasive surgery: Also called laparoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery, this approach uses a long, thin tube with a camera on the end of it to perform surgery. Our team can treat a wide variety of conditions using a minimally invasive approach. Minimally invasive surgery often leads to fewer complications and a faster recovery than traditional surgical approaches.
  • Robotic surgery: In this approach, surgeons use a robotic arm to perform surgery. The robotic arm can operate more precisely than a human hand and has a greater range of motion. Equipped with a camera, the robotic arm also allows the surgeon to see every possible angle. The end result is a highly precise surgery with as little harm to surrounding tissue as possible.

Comprehensive Supportive Services

Our team is here to support you from the moment you walk through our doors until years after your recovery. We’ll help you and your loved ones understand how to prepare for surgery and what to expect afterwards, and how best to recover.

As part of your care, you’ll also have access to our specialized supportive services, including:

We know that undergoing surgery can be challenging and stressful. And that’s why we’re always just one phone call away if you have any questions.

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