About the Foundation

The Overlake Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, meaning your gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by current tax laws. Donations are solicited for the sole benefit of Overlake Medical Center. 

The Foundation is overseen by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

History of Fundraising at Overlake

From the very beginning, before Overlake even opened its doors in 1960, the community has been supporting it. The first auxiliary (a community organization of volunteers raising funds for Overlake) was founded in 1953, and others soon followed. In those early days, hundreds of women went from door to door, collecting money to build a hospital in Bellevue. Children got involved by selling kittens! Bake sales, holiday bazaars, fashion shows, plant sales, and other strategies were employed to raise funds. The auxiliaries put on the first Bandage Ball and ran the annual gala for many years. After the Overlake Foundation was created in 1978, auxiliaries worked in tandem with staff fundraisers to continue supporting the hospital.

Though the auxiliaries have now ceased operations, we tip our hats to those tireless community volunteers and their vision for the future of the Eastside.

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